About Us

The mission of BIG 3 Precision Products, Inc. is to produce quality products and provide on-time delivery to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


BIG 3 Precision Products, Inc. is located at 2923 S. Wabash Avenue, Industrial Park, Centralia, Illinois. The scope of the documented quality refers to the Metal Stamping Division and Rack/Material Handling Division, subsidiaries of BIG 3. The Company is classified under SIC Codes 3465 for Metal Stamping, and 3499 for Rack Division.

BIG 3 Precision began as a small machine shop in a rural area midway between Aviston and Albers, Illinois, in 1970. The shop was in the middle of a barn lot in a milking parlor approximately 20′ x 20′.

In 1971, the Company relocated to a facility in Germantown, Illinois, which was three times the size of the original shop.

BIG 3 Precision relocated to Centralia, Illinois, in 1973. Since then, the Company has grown from a five-man operation to one employing more than 150 people, and the plant’s work area now totals 200,000+ square feet.

Since relocating in Centralia, BIG 3 Precision has expanded its capabilities. These include the implementation of a larger chrome plating area; the installation of additional CNC machines; increased fabricating facilities; and additional metal stamping presses.

In 1998, BIG 3 Precision incorporated another division, the Precision Rack Division. This Division (formerly known as Kingsley-Fisher) is a metal fabricating facility, which produces material handling racks for the automotive industry.

BIG 3 Precision and its Rack/Material Handling Division has laid a solid foundation for major growth by our commitment to quality, employment training, and the latest equipment investment. This growth will mean more employment opportunities for the work force in the Centralia, IL area.

In 2003, BIG 3 acquired an IBM Tooling manufacturing plant in Millville, New Jersey. With this plant, Big 3 doubled its manufacturing capabilities. The addition also provided new equipment that allowed Big 3 to expand into new areas of manufacturing, such as IBM Tooling.

In 2006, BIG 3 Precision acquired R. J. Abramo Associates Inc., a global leader in Injection Blow Molding.

In 2012, BIG 3 Precision was acquired by TVV Capital, a value-oriented private equity firm in Nashville, Tennessee. This acquisition allowed BIG 3 to take full advantage of market expansion and globalization opportunities, and would help to support the Company’s next phase of growth.

In 2013, BIG 3 Precision acquired Industrial Design Innovations (IDI) in Dearborn, Michigan. The combination of these companies allowed Big 3 the ability to offer its customers end-to-end Material Handling solutions, and provided it with a Midwest presence to service the region’s concentrated automotive supply base.

In 2014, BIG 3 Precision partnered with Milacron, LLC, combining the collective technologies of Uniloy, Mold-Masters, Kortec and DME. This partnership brought together industry leaders for the development and commercialization of technologies in the Injection Blow Molding sector of the plastics industry. A state-of-the-art technical center at BIG 3 Precision’s Millville, New Jersey facility allowsMilacron and BIG 3 to continue to work closely with customers for the development of complete, turn-key injection blow systems, both for monolayer and co-injection applications.

In 2015, BIG 3 increased its rack build capacity by opening its Dearborn, MI facility. With over 90,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, the Company has provided its Detroit based customers with greater access to launch programs more quickly and efficiently given its close proximity. BIG 3 Dearborn specializes in metal processing, MIG Welding, enamel painting, and dunnage assembly.

In 2016, BIG 3 Precision acquired Sur-Form Corporation in Chesterfield, MI and added it the Fabrication Division portfolio. Sur-Form is primarily a plastic thermoformer of Automotive Dunnage Trays, however also offers a host of other services including CAD design, injection molding, flipper tower systems, and automated seat pallet systems. Sur-Form allows BIG 3 to provide comprehensive service to its customers through innovation and commitment to providing only the highest quality products.

In June of 2019, Big 3 Precision acquired Associated Toolmakers Ltd in Wrexham, U.K.  Associated Toolmakers specializes in the design and manufacture of plastic injection mold tools for a variety of different industries.

In August of 2019, The Eastern Company (NasdaqGM: EML) acquired Big 3 Precision.  The company operates as an independent subsidiary of Eastern.

BIG 3 Precision will remain an aggressive company where we do not wait for things to happen; we make them happen.